Our Pastors

Pastor David’s Bio

David’s testimony reflects the power of God’s redemptive grace to change a person’s life. A true ‘rags to riches’ story, David went from a lifestyle of intense self-gratification to one of genuine passion and care for the well-being of others.

We invite you to listen to Pastor David’s testimony below…

David has his Associate’s Degree in Public Relations from Miami Dade Community College, and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Relations from Oral Roberts University. David and his wife Amber also own two successful coffee shops in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas and have two amazing young children, Cadence and Zion.

Amber Bendett’s Bio

Amber lives life full of creativity, vision, and love for Jesus! Her life, however, has not been one void of heartache. Losing her daughter, Eden Grace, at 32 weeks truly marked and transformed her life forever. It was then that she looked for Jesus in the midst of sorrow and found Him in a very real and tangible way. And, from such loss came such beauty and life… Areas of Amber’s gifting that had been dormant are now alive and being used to carry on Eden’s legacy—A legacy of Christ’s beauty expressed through her creativity. From remodel, design, event decor, writing, painting, and photography, Amber now lives, speaks, and writes with raw vulnerability and transparency with the intention of inspiring others to do the same. Most of all, she longs to see others living out their days in the full freedom Christ died for us to have.

Amber's Children's Book "The Lost Crown"

In our culture, most children are immersed with stories, fairytales, and movies that teach ‘problems can be solved with a wish upon a star, a fairy-god mother, or a spell being reversed’. But in real-life, our children face real struggles that no magic wand can fix. Whether facing the loss of a loved one, a divorce between parents, or a personal tragedy that leaves one feeling hopeless and alone, this book was written to help children start the path to healing.

When disaster strikes her home, Grace the deer loses her crown of beauty. She shows us how to look for Jesus when bad things happen, to trust Him to make things right again, and to be thankful even in the times that we don’t see things getting better just yet.