Elders & Team Leaders

What Is an Elder?

What is the role of an elder? Our Elders are those that are seasoned in their faith and walk in wisdom and integrity. They are entrusted to give spiritual guidance and oversight to the church-body as a whole as the Lord leads. They aim to hear where the Lord wants to take us as a church body as they lean into the Lord through prayer and intercession.

What is a Team Leader?

Our Team Leaders are Spirit-led, wind-driven leaders. They are responsible for leading and overseeing the different ministry areas of Rock City Church. They are here to reflect the heart of the Father, as well as the heart of Pastor David & Amber, to everyone they encounter. They all love, pray, teach, prophecy, encourage and correct those under their care with the Pastor’s heartbeat.


Dawn & Doug Fick


Pat & Nikki Fossett


Marlene Villarreal


Team Leaders

David and Amber Bendett

Senior Pastors

Jeremy Haines

Associate Pastor

Marlene Villarreal


Dawn Fick

Dawn Fick First Responders, and Prayer Team Leader Elder

Melody Hernandez

Children's Ministry Team Leader

Nathan Hardin

Worship Co-Team Leader

Andres Hernandez

Creative Communications & Production Team Leader

Mark Marquez

Worship Co-Team Leader

Colton Bartel

Men's Ministry Team Leader

Jordan Deal

Connections Team Leader

Francisco Cortez

Youth Team Leader

Lacie Panknin

Women's Ministry Team Leader

Luis Buentello

Usher Team Leader