Our Beliefs


He is God, the Son of God, The Word of God, the Creator, our Bridegroom, our Best Friend, the Lover of our Souls, our Savior, our Redeemer, and so much more. Jesus desires to dwell in the hearts of all mankind and wants to be actively involved in our daily lives personally.
There is no one like Him in heaven and on earth, and we are madly in love with Him!


He’s the best dad you’ll ever have! The Father loves us so much that He gave His only begotten son to demonstrate His love to the world. He’s the Father we all so desperately need, and He also wants to be actively involved in our daily lives personally.


We believe that walking in the Spirit and being Spirit-led at all times is key to living a fruitful and successful Christian life. The Holy Spirit helps us, guides us, comforts us, convicts us, and teaches us. The Holy Spirit is the key link to Jesus and the Father, and fully prepares us to become more like Him every day. Through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in us, we can walk in supernatural power and demonstrate God’s love through signs, wonders, and miracles.


We fully believe that you must be born again in order to know Jesus and fully experience God’s love and power for us as His sons and daughters. Being born again is the first step to a transformed life and to fully “see” the Kingdom of God activated in your life.


We believe there are two separate baptisms: the baptism of water and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Though not required for salvation, each baptism serves a unique purpose in transforming and empowering the believer’s life.


Rock City is built on a solid foundation of leadership and vision. The gifts of the Spirit are designed to demonstrate God’s love for His people, and to clearly reflect His nature and care supernaturally. We believe in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that they are as much a part of today as they were thousands of years ago.


There are many Biblical narratives used for God’s people and His church. We believe church should reflect what real family looks like, walking in unity, and demonstrating the unique aspects of kingdom community life.