Pastoral Care

Available 24/7

A Resource Made For You

This is a resource for you to place a request for "Pastoral Care." We know that life is full ups and downs and we want to be there for you and your family. If you are in need of hospital visits, in a family crisis, need prison/jail visit, benevolence, counseling, meal trains, help with moving, etc. You can submit a request here.

How It Works

Every request will have a response but not every request is guaranteed to be fulfilled by the church. We have 2 buttons below to choose from that help us to designate request properly. One is for "Regular Attenders" and one is for "Members." We ask the you respond accordingly so that your request goes to the right pastoral care team member.

For Members

We're Here For You

We love our Rock City Church family and this is one of the ways we are trying to maintain contact with you and your family. One of our Pastoral Care Team members will respond to you shortly.

For Regular Attenders

Need Help Fast?

Along with submitting a form with more information you can call the number below for non-emergencies and a member of our pastoral care team will answer or call you back as soon as possible.

Call Us

(361) 317-1633