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Members Only Support Request

Welcome to our members only page! This is a resource available to register Rock City Church Members to request assistance if needed or simply notify us on specific life updates.

Every request will have a response but not every request cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled by the church. Thank you for reaching out and understanding.

We love our Rock City Church family and this is one of the ways we try to maintain contact so you and your family have every opportunity possible to connect with us.

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Benevolence Support is for those that are in immediate critical financial need. This is submitted to the pastoral team for review and you will be contacted once the form is processed.

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Emergency Response

It is virtually impossible to keep up with every emergency that comes into a growing church. We want to do everything in our power to stay connected with you. Fill out the form below for things such as if you're in the hospital, unexpected family death, marriage crisis, or other relevant event that requires emergency attention.

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Life Updates

Since we are a family, we want to do our best to keep up with life's ups and downs. This form is to let us know about things such as new babies, engagements/marriage, moving, etc.

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