Living Stones

Building Expansion Campaign

Come and be his living stones who are continually being assembled into a sanctuary for God
1 Peter 2:5

We're Expanding!

What We're Building
What We're Building

The new sanctuary will seat nine-hundred people. It will have state of the art technology in audio and visual presentation that will enable us to better share what God is doing through us to the world around us.

There will be six new children’s classrooms, and our Current sanctuary will be for youth and will seat around 100 students, new play zone for kids, worship recording studio, and more.

Why We're Building
Why We're Building

Not only to create space for a harvest but also a place where the glory of the lord shines bright and the name of the lord can be represented for all nations.

We’re building a house of worship, a place where training and equipping can happen. A place where we become the contrast, a light in a dark world. All of us are living stones built in the foundation walls and gates in the kingdom of god, and when you come into the kingdom, your name is written in the stones of the new Jerusalem.

God is building us into a house. Stones that were once burnt, God will now use to build his house as in the days of Nehemiah.

300 pledges x $300 a month for 12 months = $1 Million
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Give using your smartphone or computer. Select "Living Stones 2021" from the dropdown menu.

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