Life Stages

Find Your Community

It's our heart that you stay connected with other members at the church. This allows for you to be in community and do life with amazing people. Not only are there great things happening in these groups, but great friendships are also made here.

Marrieds & Engaged

RISEN for marrieds of all ages and engaged couples. We host monthly community gatherings and two marriage workshops every year.

Young Professionals (25-39)

To cultivate mature adults who are fiercely pursuing Jesus and the call on their lives. Our heart is for you to develop and demonstrate a lifestyle of being sold out to the Lord, and to connect them to peers and those older than them in discipleship relationships.

We are here to propel you and help you become a leader that can step into greater roles in the church body and the marketplace.

Ages 25-39 welcome.

Young Adults (18-25)

We want to see this generation live passionately for Jesus, as sons and daughters, influencing the culture around them, and growing in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man!

Join the fun and experience the world in a new way.
Ages 18-25 welcome.