Every single day we all have to battle a massive amount of lies and deception that comes against our lives.  Let’s learn the common lies that people face and how to break free from the power of agreement with the enemy’s lies.

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The Father of Lies

It’s astounding to think about the impact of breaking deceptive lies on our lives. The Bible unequivocally states that the devil is the father of Lies. Every single lie, whether it’s from within us or external, originates from his camp. In John 8:44, Jesus makes it clear that the devil’s very character and nature are rooted in lies. He constantly seeks to contradict truth and uses lying as his greatest weapon against God’s people, with the sole purpose of creating distance between us and our heavenly father.

The deceptive weapon of lies is aimed at distorting our perception of God and His truth. It’s crucial to recognize and combat these lies in order to maintain a close and truthful relationship with God.

Common Lies We Face

Breaking deceptive lies is crucial for maintaining a truthful relationship with God and combating the distortions that aim to undermine His truth. Here are some common lies that many of us have likely encountered:

God Doesn’t Care About You

This lie produces questions concerning God’s love for you and can lead to doubts about His care and concern for your life.

You Have to Earn Your Salvation

  • Leads to self-doubt and disappointment
  • Creates a mindset of never feeling good enough
  • Encourages a Pharisee self-righteous mindset

Understanding that you are the righteousness of God in Christ and embracing your identity as His child is key to breaking free from this deceptive lie.

God’s About to Punish You

  • Produces a terroristic mindset
  • Instills an improper fear of God
  • Leads to a warped religious fear

Recognizing God as a good and loving father, who does not bring tormenting fear into your life, is essential to dispelling this lie.

You Constantly Let God Down

Understanding the perfect love and care of the heavenly father is crucial in breaking this deceptive lie that can lead to feelings of disappointment and inadequacy.

It Would Be Easier for You to Not Be a Christian

This lie attempts to lure individuals away from their faith by promising an easier life without guilt, sin, and shame.

All Christians Are Hypocrites and Fake

Understanding that hypocrites may exist in the church due to deception, and choosing forgiveness and support over rejection, is essential to combatting this lie.

The Church Doesn’t Care About You

Recognizing the support and community available within the church helps dispel the deceptive lie that you are alone and uncared for.

If God Was Good, Then Why Hasn’t This Certain Thing Happened?

Encouraging an unwavering belief in the goodness of God, even in the face of unanswered prayers and unfulfilled breakthroughs, is crucial in dispelling this deceptive lie.

God’s Mercy Isn’t for Me

Recognizing and accepting God’s boundless mercy, and rejecting the deceptive lie of unworthiness, is essential for personal growth and healing.

Lies That Bring Comparison

Shifting the focus from comparing oneself to others to aspiring to be like Christ, and rejoicing in the diversity of church communities, is crucial in dispelling this deceptive lie.

Lies That Keep You from Engaging in Politics for the Right Reasons

Rejecting the deceptive lie that silences individuals from speaking the truth and engaging in politics for the betterment of society and families is crucial for positive change.

The Power of Agreement with Lies

Understanding the impact of breaking deceptive lies is crucial for maintaining a truthful relationship with God and combating the distortions that aim to undermine His truth. The father of lies, as revealed in the Bible, is the devil, and all lies originate from his camp. However, a lie can only become a perceived truth with the agreement of someone or something else. This is where the power of agreement with lies comes into play.

The Birth of Deception

Just as a father needs a partner or a mother to produce or birth something, a lie cannot become a reality or come to fruition without agreement. Lies are birthed through agreement, and the devil seeks to find partners to give birth to deception. This is why it’s crucial not to be that partner and to stop coming into agreement with the lies of the enemy.

Breaking the Power of Agreement

Breaking deceptive lies is essential for maintaining a truthful relationship with God and combatting the distortions that aim to undermine His truth. The power of agreement with lies can significantly impact our lives. By coming into agreement with the enemy’s lies, we give them power over us. It’s crucial to actively break the power of agreement with these deceptive lies in order to walk in the truth and freedom that God has for us.

Examples of Lies in the Bible

The Bible is filled with stories that depict the consequences of falling prey to deceptive lies. These stories serve as powerful illustrations of the destructive impact of believing and coming into agreement with lies. Here are some notable examples of lies in the Bible:

Adam and Eve’s Deception

  • Fell prey to the lie of the serpent
  • Resulted in the introduction of sin and its consequences
  • Illustrates the far-reaching effects of believing a lie

The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden serves as a poignant example of the catastrophic consequences that can arise from succumbing to deceptive lies.

Abraham’s Deception

  • Lied about his wife being his sister
  • Repeated the same lie with different kings
  • Illustrates the generational impact of coming into agreement with lies

Abraham’s actions demonstrate the generational repercussions of believing and perpetuating lies, as his son Isaac later repeated the same deceptive behavior.

David’s Battle with Lies

  • Faced with lies questioning his place and safety
  • Encouraged to abandon God’s people and seek refuge elsewhere
  • Challenged with feelings of failure and inadequacy

David’s struggle with deceptive lies serves as a relatable example of the internal battles many individuals face when confronted with falsehoods that seek to undermine their identity and purpose.

Drifting Away from Truth

As I reflect on the impact of breaking deceptive lies, I can’t help but notice the dangers of drifting away from truth. It’s easy to fall into agreement with lies, leading to a distorted perception of reality and a separation from the truth that sets us free. Let’s explore the consequences of drifting away from truth and the importance of anchoring ourselves in the unchanging reality of God’s word.

Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father, take me back to the things I learned at first. I don’t want to be a drifter; I want to fade in. Have mercy on my life, Lord. Thank you for your mercy. Pull my heart to the secret place, to intimacy, and to your word. Cause my heart and flesh to cry out for the Living God more than the things of this world. Wash me clean, Lord, and forgive me for the fear, worry, anxiety, and the lies that I have come into agreement with. Show me your truth and forgive me for what I’ve done to others. Help me, Lord, to walk in perfect love, just as you do towards me. Now, I bless this house, every family, every marriage, and all your children. I pray for great grace upon your life and that you come into agreement with the truth and come out of agreement with the father of lies.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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