When God freely gifted us His only son, Jesus we received more than one gift. Because of Jesus, we received a savior, an advocate, a healer, and a lifelong friend. He gives us His ear when we need someone to listen, His hand when we need help, His words when we need comfort and direction, and His blood to cover all of our sins.

Every day we should live a thankful life for all that the Father freely gave to us through Jesus. We received the most precious gift and no matter what you do there are no returns. Jesus was the undeserved gift we received to show the Father’s unfailing love for us. The best part of walking with the Lord is that every day he has a gift for you to unwrap, He always has more to reveal to us, more to gift us, and more to teach us. Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving & everything He gives is good!


2 Corinthians 9:15 “Thanks be to God for this inexpressible gift.”

-Stephanie Nyberg,

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