Passover has become very dear to my heart ever since joining the Rock City staff because we have celebrated it together almost every year. It’s truly a special time of remembering all God has done for His people, but also what He is still doing and going to do. This year I decided I wanted to share a Passover Seder dinner experience with our children at church. I wanted it to be a fun time of sharing a meal together with friends, honoring God, and trying new food!

I went through the church’s beloved decor closet and pulled out some gold chargers, plastic clear bowls for our salt water, white paper plates, and clear cups! All from the dollar tree that is in our shopping center (score)! I also got a little risky and put candles with real fire down the tables. I guess you can say that I like to live life on the wild side.

I arranged the tables family style and thankfully it was the perfect amount of seats we needed!


When the kids came to class I didn’t let them sit at the tables right away. I had to build up the excitement. We all sat together on our rug and watched a short passover video. Once it was over we all took a seat at the table. I split up all of the speaking parts with three other teachers and gave four children a paper with one of the four questions that is asked during the dinner. It was fun having the kids ask about each item on their plate! It was even more fun to watch them try the foods. My favorite part was watching them eat the bitter herbs dipped in salt water and to see them eat horseradish (I said it was ranch, haha).

I can’t wait to do this bigger and better next year! My prayer is that our kids know who their God is and how He sent Jesus to save us forever! May our children’s hearts be marked with the blood of the Lamb.



A Christian Passover Seder Dinner:


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