We meet with the intention of strengthening men of all ages in the areas of morals, standards, relationships, goals, and leadership skills to better their lives and those around them for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in family and our community.

We host multiple events every month.

Wisdom Night 

Our Wisdom night is a time for elders and leaders of the church to share a message, revelation, wisdom, and life lessons learned that can benefit the younger generations. This night gives fathers the opportunity to bring their sons (10 and older) with them and together see what Kingdom brotherhood and manhood is all about. Wisdom Nights are also a time of activation and practice of moving in the Spirit as well as a time for prayer and prophesy by leaders over the men in attendance.

Testimony Night 

This is an opportunity for men in the church to share their testimony with other men completely uncensored.  Iron sharpens iron when bare metal hits bare metal, and this is a time for men to bare all and glorify God in the grace and mercy He has shown.  This event is open to all men 18+


  • Wisdom Night – Every first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm
  • Testimony Night – Every third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm


  • Rock City Church Suite D next to Coffee Waves Flour Bluff